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Buying Tango Shoes Online: Secure Shopping by Turquoise


Online shopping has become a huge part of our lives and it is almost impossible to resist great online deals, especially when it comes to nice tango shoes. We’d like to share some insights about shopping safely online for whatever it is you may be buying. After reading these handy tips you can be sure you’ll have a secure online shopping experience. Also you’ll be able to recognize standardized procedures for returns and exchanges as well as fast delivery times.

Here is our “shopping online 101” tutorial especially for you:

1) First and foremost, the general rule of thumb should be a good reputation of the website/retailer. As the tango community is not exceptionally huge, perhaps asking one or two friends may be beneficial. Also doing a little research online e.g. viewing blogs, reviews about the retailer which may give you an overall public view. At Turquoise tango shoes we take pride in our work so as a small token of our appreciation, we’ve added some customer testimonies from tango shoe lovers.

2) Checking the existence of the retailers social network is also a good way of understanding the scale of production and popularity (such will be easy to know if some of your friends already “like” or “follow” a particular retailer.

3) Hugely important is of course the technical security of the site you’re using. Ever heard of SSL? SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the technical security of a web site. Some retailers, although unaware, may be disclosing your personal information to a third party which as you may know is not beneficial for either party. Secure Sockets Layer means that when you decide to shop online and go through to the “check out” process, the SSL protects your information from being disclosed to either a third party or even the retailer themselves.

So how does one understand that a website is secured and using SSL?

If this sign appears on your browser , it means you have directly connected to your bank via a secure server.

When the browser declares that the connection is secure https:// means that your information is not shared by the retailer. When you do online shopping with SSL, the retailer company informed only about the completion of the transaction and only the last 4 digits of your credit card will ever appear.

For those who might have a deeper understanding of Information Technologies below is a chart which briefly explains how a Secure Sockets Layers works:

4) When you are online shopping for the very first time, it may be better to not to share your personal information especially if you’re not sure about the retailer. There a campaigns, newsletters and announcements about companies which share their clients information so please be aware.

Some of the websites, ask for your birthdays, place of birth or other details. Please keep in mind that this information, if combined with your credit card information might be a serious risk for the general online shopper.

However for all our much treasured customers and followers we would like to share a simple and easy to follow road map for secure and protected “online shopping experience”

Step One:

If shopping for the first time: test the company delivery and trustworthiness status.

E-mail them via their contact details, to double-check the e-mail isn’t bouncing back. If the response time is acceptable, it’s a good sign

If everything seems ok, you can try your online shopping, with a limited risk.


Don’t use your credit card, however you can try an intermediary company, like PayPal or Money Gram

Don’t share any other personal information if not needed.

Be sure that you risk is limited with your amount and see if the delivery is not only done promptly, but the product is good as you expect. If after that, everything seems fine, proceed to step two.

Step two:

If the first step is executed without any problem and the retailer supported you through the process, you can try using your credit card for your next purchase.

Please keep in mind that while using your credit card, the website should be using SSL, as we have discussed above.

There are such things as limited credit cards (Internet Credit Cards) for online shoppers issued by some banks, which limits your risk by limiting the amount of money that is placed onto the card which is not linked to any other banking entity (e.g. debit cards may be linked to an account, however these cannot)

For example: If you are buying a 100 USD worth of product, only load the credit card with 150 USDs. After this you can examine your credit cards expenditures and make sure the retailer withdrew the 100 USDs meant for the purchase and shipping.

Step Three:

If the company follows steps one and two to a tee, you can be sure to use your credit card safely. Using your credit card is good for accumulating some extra air miles or other rewards.

How to shop online for your tango shoes from our website;

Our checkout procedure is composed of 4 simple steps.

The first step is to fill in the “Billing Information”

For this step we will be asking your name, surname , address and mandatory contact details like your e-mail address. Keep in mind that this information is not to be added to our database, but to make it sure we will be making a swift and accurate delivery. Also by providing this information you better the chances that TNT can solve a problem quicker if such a thing arises. Please keep in mind that if your mailing address and billing address are different you have to fill both of the addresses.

Buying tango shoes online 1

The second step is about the shipment company, here the web site notifies you about the shipping company and the charge that will be reflected to the customer as shipment costa. Please note that our company does not charge any extra fees on these transactions.

Buying tango shoes online 2

The third step is about the payment itself, as a default option we have 3 payment methods. If you want to execute your order by Money transfer (in some instances referred to as Bank Transfer) you just have to take note of our bank account. We use a United States Dollars account for these kinds of transactions. If you are living somewhere that uses another currency, you may need to exchange your money before sending because any Euros or other currencies sent to this account will be ignored by the bank.

Buying tango shoes online 3

If you are using a credit card, you will be filling this screen with your credit card details.

Buying tango shoes online 7

As explained above, our server and website is very secure as mentioned above. Please take the time to read about SSL security if you are unsure.

The final steps are controlling and making sure what you are buying, as shown on the next screen

Buying tango shoes online 4

And then making it sure that the Client name, surname

Mailing address and the billing address are correct.

Buying tango shoes online 5

Thank you for your time again and we sincerely hope you have a safe and pleasant online shopping experience here at Turquoise.