Pricing Policy

Global Pricing Policy

At Turquoise tango shoes, we apply a certain pricing policy. Our local price and global price are different. Our website prices are in United States Dollars and in accordance with our global price. Our local price is lower than our global price. Considering the custom taxes, shipment and inventory costs and expected return of buying wholesale of our distributors, our prices increase outside of our local market.

As much as we would like to keep an average price level globally, we have some slight differentiation among some countries since as in different countries the purchasing power changes and their economies face certain challenges.

We also have some easy entry points into certain countries - which is yet another factor that has an impact on our prices in that country.

Design Shoe Pricing

We are trying to keep our designs 100% original, by not mimicking or copying designs of any other major shoe brand. We believe that this internal ethics will result in our improved creativity. Depending on the demand for our design shoes, we reserve the right to price them slightly higher than our regular products.

Different Outer Sole

We also believe that R&D will lead to a better tango shoe product, so we keep improving our and researching for innovation. One point of R&D is our outer soles. When we use a different material for a specific purpose, or design an outer sole of various colours, we reserve the right to price those models slightly higher than our regular products.

You can find out more about R&D, our production methodologies, discussions on specific tango shoe problems and solutions and other relevant information on our blog myTurquoise