About Turquoise

A Tango Shoe Brand Story: Turquoise


Turquoise Tango Dance Shoes are designed and handmade in Istanbul by a team of dancers and shoemakers committed to creating comfortable, light, and beautiful footwear for dancers around the world.

Having danced for more than a decade, Turquoise Tango Dance Shoes owners have spent a fortune on shoes, buying them in different countries, finding some less than elegant, others constructed without proper understanding of anatomy or geometry; some lacking in balance others in the comfort necessary to dance for hours at milongas and festivals.

Deciding that “good enough is not enough,” Turquoise Tango Dance Shoes owners resolved to create their own line of shoes, testing them personally at milongas to ensure that they achieved the right combination of quality, durability, and elegance.

Turquoise Tango Shoes believe that perfection is an on-going journey, just like tango, which evolves continuously. And just as dancers work to improve their technique, Turquoise tango Shoes strive constantly to perfect their shoes.

Detail oriented and dedicated, Turquoise Tango Shoes make each pair into a minor masterpiece.

Turquoise Tango Dance Shoes offer numerous unique styles, and — something important to female clients — many are one of a kind.

Half sizes, not available from other leading tango shoe brands, are offered at Turquoise, resulting in a perfect fit.

Turquoise Tango Dance Shoes have been available in many countries, earning a reputation for great comfort and superb design. Now, at last, they have come to the US and Canada.

Mission Statement

We believe that the most fruitful competition is not with others, but with ourselves: working on our chosen endeavor to attain utmost excellence. We follow this philosophy by continually perfecting our designs and offering the best possible service to our clients.

Because tango is our love, and dancers are our extended family, we do not merely sell shoes. Instead, we build connections and community through our work.

We care about our clients’ experience as they get to know Turquoise shoes, find among the models we offer the ones that fit them best and suit their style, and walk away with the pairs that make them delighted not only because of how they look and feel, but also because of the treatment they’ve received from us. Each such interaction is special for us.

We give each dancer our full attention, care, and respect. We strive to make each one feel at home. Our customers are our friends and we want to make them happy every day, whether when we see them in person, or when they wear our shoes to dances across the country and the world, feeling beautiful and so comfortable that they do not need to switch to practice shoes part way through the night.